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Bluestem Ag Services

Established in the early 2000’s Bluestem Agricultural Services is an LLC owned and operated by the Martin family.  


It began as a way for the family to help promote and enhance the environment by implementing programs and conservation practices through the Conservation Reserve Program.  This was done by planting trees, shrubs, and prairie grass mixes throughout central Illinois.  Although not as prevalent as the initial days of CRP, these services are still provided, but on a limited basis.  In recent years the focus of Bluestem Ag Services has changed to the study and implementation of soil and plant health for agricultural commodities.   This is done by making and applying a variety of microbial products that improve soil and plant health.  Education, evaluation, and implementation of these products and practices are done on our own farm as well as several other farming operations throughout Central Illinois.  Please contact us for questions. 

Article "Strip-Till Approach Offers Farm Benefits" Doug Martin and his father, Jeff, have been using strip till for no-till corn. They see the benefits of improved residue management while still holding soil in place

Article "On Drought and Volatility" Farmers may be handling more money, be we aren't making more money. Especially not in a drought year.

Article "Managing nitrogen lowers costs and maintains yields" We use strip-till and no-till cultivation to keep the soils healthy and less vulnerable to rain and wind.

Article "How do farmers decide the best time to sell their crops?" Marketing the crop is one of the toughest parts of farming.

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